The XCVI Pop-Up Store is designed as an international bazaar, where shoppers can expect the bohemian aesthetic and ease of style around every turn. As shoppers weave through large wooden artist crates, lanterns and soft fabrics, they discover XCVI’s relaxed clothing, as well as hand selected ensemble of local artisans showcasing their craft. On this page, we will share our finds and include you in our treasure hunt.


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    Artwork by Susan Feldman Tucker fits perfectly in the window of our shop at Santa Monica Place!

    Love the way artwork by Eva Armisen beautifully complements our summer collection at the Topanga store.

    Would you look at that! Our Westfield Topanga shop is now open!

    XCVI’s Pop-Up at Broadway Plaza was recently featured on Walnut Creek Patch ♥ - See our little “traveling shop” piece here:

    XCVI Pop-Up artisan Olive Leaf Organics’ candle factory.

    Our new popup at Hillsdale Shopping Center is officially open!

    Love our new neighborhood!

    We’re ready for summer!

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